Bribie Butterfly Volunteers Inc. is a local volunteer project aimed at bringing the community together and to promote the butterfly population on Bribie Island and beyond. First established in 2013 at a residential property at Banksia Beach on the island, it has grown to be a great success and is now entering a second and bigger phase.

Our designers Artistic Plan of the future Butterfly House.

The original project is situated at a privately owned Banksia residence. It consists of gardens, nursery and a hydroponic gardening area. This is the place where the host plants are grown to feed the caterpillars. There is also a basic laboratory where the hungry caterpillars are fed and housed. Here they reach their pupal (chrysalis) stage. A butterfly house out the back is where the butterflies live and happily mate and lay their eggs, so we can produce more butterflies.

Thanks to the amazing support of our treasured Volunteers, we have successfully bred over 20 species of Australian Butterflies. Some, we release back into the natural environment to help increase the local population. We also give away free host and nectar plants for Bribie residents to grow in their gardens. This will help increase the local butterfly population. It is working well. During the last 12 months, gardeners on Bribie have been getting involved and have currently planted over 3000 of these butterfly attracting plants in their gardens.

Thanks to the great success, support and interest of the locals we are expanding. Our local Councillor - Gary Parsons and the Moreton Bay Mayor - Allan Sutherland have helped immensely. They have secured for Bribie Butterfly Volunteers, a block of land where we are establishing a bigger and better butterfly house. This will be located at First Avenue, Bongaree - near the AFL grounds, behind the Orchid House and beside the Community Nursery. This will continue to be run by our ‘Bribie Butterfly Volunteers’ and once established will be open to the public. It is very exciting for the Bribie Island community and we hope to open this facility by the end of 2015, so please tell your family and friends. We always need more volunteers and you can help in many ways. Please check out the ‘Volunteering’ section for details. Thank you very much for your interest and kind help.